Data acquisition

After some unproductive easter holidays, I am back to work. First of all lets start with some good news, my request to purchase some materials has been accepted. After some initial trouble to open .gpx files I found out how to open them and extract relevant information using QTCreator. But there are still some useful features that I need to implement before it is ready.

I still need to figure out how to get information from the gps receiver via ROS. Because the communication protocol is a little bit different, with different I mean it does not give you directly the nmea_sentences as soon as you plug it in on some USB port. To get the desired information, specific commands need to be sent to the receiver. Therefore I think that the standard libraries might not work ( nmea_navsat_driver & gpsd ) so after some research I have found two libraries that might do the job (GAVLab/novatel & ccny-ros-pkg ).


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