Well this week was dedicated to build an algorithm in C++ that can decode google’s encoded polyline and writting the “state of the art” chapter of my thesis. The algorithm is almost done but it has little bug. The coordinates that are extracted vary a little bit, but the variation despite of looking insignificant is actually unacceptable. I noticed that after plotting the two outputs on the map.

I let you with some videos on autonomous vehicles, in which the video about the Audi A7 demonstrates the technology I am trying to implement, but for now without an Android App.

Google Car:

Audi A7 parking:

Mercedes-Benz Truck:


It’s Alive !

After a few weeks trying to find a way to establish a communication with the gps receiver, I finally made it. I’ve tried another library (rtklib) but without success so I kept searching and found a way to use the USB connector instead of using a Rs-232 converter. After doing this I have tried again the GavLab Novatel library but this time it worked because the problem was using the COM port instead of an USB , which previously didn’t worked. After that I used the ROS gpsd library and with a few tweaks I was able to store the latitude and longitude.

Currently I am looking for a routing library that gives me driving directions.

Data acquisition

After some unproductive easter holidays, I am back to work. First of all lets start with some good news, my request to purchase some materials has been accepted. After some initial trouble to open .gpx files I found out how to open them and extract relevant information using QTCreator. But there are still some useful features that I need to implement before it is ready.

I still need to figure out how to get information from the gps receiver via ROS. Because the communication protocol is a little bit different, with different I mean it does not give you directly the nmea_sentences as soon as you plug it in on some USB port. To get the desired information, specific commands need to be sent to the receiver. Therefore I think that the standard libraries might not work ( nmea_navsat_driver & gpsd ) so after some research I have found two libraries that might do the job (GAVLab/novatel & ccny-ros-pkg ).